Spinning Ring - Pink

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Spinning Ring - Pink

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Our spinning kiss ring adds a little fun to your Póg. The double-sided Póg central charm can be worn up or in depending on your mood. 

PÓG Spinning rings have been built with an extra solid spin, a playful mechanism that we built to help relieve and sooth anxiety of any kind. The spin acts as a sensory engagement to the wearer, and can bring a timely distraction and reminder to breath and centre yourself. It is a small but powerful, a positive reinforcement for our heightened moments.

The póg collection was designed by Melissa Curry, an Irish designer who wanted to add a sprinkle of fun and versatility to a collection.

PÓG shares the vibrancy of what Ireland is today; highlighting our young and diverse progressive culture. We are love and kisses, ready to connect with those you love and miss!

Ring Size: 54