A picnic in the garden

A picnic in the garden

It’s time to be outside and enjoy the long, bright evenings. Is there something more satisfying than having your garden looking beautiful and ready for a barbecue with friends and family?

We love colour! Having pots full of blooming flowers, colourful candles lighting and bright blankets fill us with joy.

There are numerous benefits of flowers and growing your own flowers is a nice activity to help you reconnect with nature. Flowers can help improve your mood and they help you relax and increase your energy levels. Plus your garden will look amazing! So, head down to your local garden centre or farmers market and pick up some flowers and set up your outdoor area. 

Lighting some fragrant candles and turning on a good summer playlist will make the garden extra cosy and inviting. Our outdoor lights like the Marrakesh Copper Lights and the cute Hanging Robin add some extra magic.

   Marrakesh Copper Lights      Hanging Robin 

With your garden set in summery vibes, grab your picnic rug and enjoy an evening outside with great food and good company :) 


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