Handmade Irish Soaps

Handmade Irish Soaps

There’s no question about it - we all need soap! It’s become a necessity in every household, and we’re lucky to have so many talented and passionate producers in Ireland making beautifully scented and high quality soaps. 

At Quinlan’s we offer a wide range of soaps from different producers and in a variety of formats, such as soap bars and bottled soap. We’re seeing an increasing interest in soap bars due to the fact that they offer a more sustainable option. 

Every day we’re becoming more mindful of the environment and using soap bars is an easy and enjoyable way to make a small contribution. By using soap bars, as opposed to liquified soap, you’re helping the environment by not using plastic and minimizing packaging. They’re also good for your pocket as a soap bar can last you months.

Soap bars are produced in a more traditional way, meaning that there are fewer additives, emulsifiers and silicones used to produce them. They are made with essential oils that not only smell divine, but it also means that the natural properties and oils help to nourish your skin.

We have a great selection on our online shop of natural, locally made soaps; including body and hand soap bars, as well as shampoo and conditioner bars. 

The Handmade Soap Company has a lovely selection of scents from a refreshing scented Lemongrass and Cedarwood bar to a hydrating Bergamot and Eucalyptus as well as a men’s option with basil, lime and sweet orange.

Sea Remedies offers a delightful combination of Irish seawater and goat’s milk.

If you’re planning a weekend away or travelling they are great because they take such little space and you can bring them on your carry on luggage. Take a look at the Thyme Travel Soap Bar as another option. 

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly liquid soap option, you’ll love the Max Benjamin’s Organic Liquid Soap Refill True Lavender made with 100% organic ingredients to refill the  

Forever Vessel and re-use endless times.

You can pick up some of our lovely soap bars as a gift for someone special or for yourself :-)

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