How to Avoid Plastic on your Holidays

How to Avoid Plastic on your Holidays

While you're out exploring on your Irish Staycation use these handy tips to be plastic free and avoid plastic on your trip. 

Holidays are a time to relax and enjoy yourself so let nature take a break with you and go plastic free on your trip this year.


Tip 1: Always carry a reusable shopping bag with you

When you've been out all day at the beach and about to head for a small food shop in the local village, bring a shopping bag with you to avoid getting a plastic bag. It'll bring your food home safely and it's super stylish too!


Tip 2: Bring your travel tumbler for your morning coffee

We have a strong motto here 'no day begins without coffee' and certainly no trip does either. Bring your morning brew in one of our travel tumblers which will stay hot for hours!


Tip 3: Use reusable make up pads and a Bamboo Toothbrush

Toiletries are one of the main plastic items you bring on a trip. By using reusable and washable makeup pads and a bamboo toothbrush you'll stay fresh and plastic free for your journey. 


Tip 4: Avoid buying bottled water by refilling your 24 bottle

Stay hydrated on your holiday with one of our 24 bottles 1 litre or sports lid bottles.You don't need plastic bottles when you're exploring the wilderness, just a reusable one to refill at any water tap or river flowing by.


Plastic Free Tips for Ireland

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