Autumn at Quinlans

Autumn at Quinlans

We love a change in Season!

Especially Autumn which brings beautiful colours and a chill in the air. Stepping out wrapped in a scarf watching the leaves fall and coming home bundled together on the couch in a throw in front of the fire.

We have a section on our website dedicated to all things Autumn here .

We always like to change the music in the shop this time of year and last year Catherine created an Autumn playlist  which we always get asked about. 

Ireland is particularly beautiful this time of year, trees shaking off their Summer leaves and presenting orange and reds all over the roads and parks. We recently sponsored a park bench which we hope you can sit on and enjoy a peaceful Autumn day. Check it out here .

Every year we like to treat ourselves with a new scarf for Autumn and this year is no different. Mc Nutts of Donegal have created the most beautiful scarves which are all woven right there in Donegal. They can be worn draped over yourself to lift any outfit or doubled up for extra warmth. Foxford Woolenmills have also created colourful and practical scarves this year which are neat and easy to wear. Shop our range of scarves here .

Get in the autumn spirit, make a cup of tea and light a candle.

Enjoy every moment of Autumn!


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Ray Powers

Ray Powers

We’ve been listening to Catherine’s autumn playlist all week in our own shop. Love it. Catherine share more of your musical like please. Ray
Hi to brigin and John

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