French Press - The Method

French Press - The Method

It’s no secret that we are HUGE coffee lovers in Quinlans. We definitely fill up the kettle and our French Press more than we should. Hearing ‘Who’s up for a coffee?’ is said at least 5 times a day but we never gave much thought to the best way of making that coffee. So we’re going to share some hints and tips we’ve found along the way to making that beautiful cup of goodness.


Coffee Matters

The best cup of coffee definitely starts with the best coffee. Our choice for the past few months has been Maher’s coffee which is Cork born and Cork bred. Our favourite coffee is usually a dark blend but we disagree on the level of milk, some take too much, others too little and the crazy crew add sugar. But we all agree that that was ‘a great cup of coffee’.


Water Temperature

A giant factor in French press seems to be water temperature. The exact temperature is difficult to calculate unless you carry around a thermometer in your back pocket so settle on leaving the kettle around 2 minutes to cool after reaching the boiling point. It’s also a good idea to heat your cafetiere or French Press with some warm water and spill it back out just to keep it warmer for longer.


The Bloom

Next you can add your coffee, we go by a rough rule of a heaped tablespoon per person. The crucial step in French Press is to let your coffee settle before plunging. Fill about half of the Cafetiere with hot water and stir. Leave that to sit for about a minute before filling the rest of the cafetiere up with water. Give that a little stir again, wait 5 minutes and press down on that plunger.


Tah Dah!

There you have it! The perfect French Press/Cafetiere Coffee.
Now all that’s left is to find that perfect Cup! Luckily, we sell those as well as the Cafetieres so there’s no excuse.



These would also make a lovely gift for a coffee lover for Mother’s Day or a Birthday Present!


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