Long-lasting pieces 👜👝

Long-lasting pieces  👜👝

We’re aware of the impact that consumer purchasing decisions can have on the environment and we feel its our responsibility to ensure that we’re taking measures to minimize our impact and the impact of our customers' purchases. That’s why we carefully choose the products and brands we deal with to make sure they care about the planet as much as we do . 

We believe good quality, long-lasting products make a real difference in terms of our impact on the environment. Fast-fashion in the last few years has become the norm where it's common to purchase products that are soon discarded.

Choosing carefully what you buy and knowing how and where the products are made makes a big difference. For example, products made with genuine leather are life-lasting pieces, plus as leather ages, it looks even more beautiful. 

Saddler is a Swedish brand that designs lovely and timeless accessories such as handbags with a focus on sustainability. To find out how to take care of your leather products to extend their durability you’ll find all the useful tips here.

Vaxholm Olive - Saddler Ystad Tan Shoulder Bag - Saddler

Another example of a brand creating durable and premium quality accessories is Elie Beaumont. We love their lovely and unique handbags made by artisans with premium leather. One bag offers a lot of possibilities and can be worn crossbody or over the shoulder.

Elie Beaumont Elie Beaumont

Secrid is another brand that we admire for their focus on good quality products and sustainability. After dealing with them for a few years now, we love the quality of their wallets and how durable they are. We totally agree with their Ethos: ‘Instead of creating more and more poorly made products with short lifespans, we need to create less but sustainably produced products that are made better generation after generation with a focus on longevity’.

Their products are 100% made in Europe, to keep transport distances to a minimum, which enables them to minimise their impact on the environment.

Their clever design allows a small and compact size in a large storage capacity; as well as offering protection to your cards preventing them from bending, breaking, and protecting them from unwanted wireless communication.

Secrid Miniwallet Secrid Dutch wallets

If you’d like to learn more about how you can make more eco-conscious decisions, you can read a very interesting article here about ways to generate less waste in your personal life.

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