The magic of candles 🕯️ ✨

The magic of candles 🕯️ ✨

Lighting a candle is a magic ritual. Once the wick is lit, it changes the atmosphere of the room. Fire is one of the four elements in nature, and having a dancing flame in a room is a way of bringing us back to nature and keeping us connected with it.

Having a candle lighting gives us an immediate sense of warmth and calm. If you’re lighting scented candles you can benefit as well from all the aromatherapy benefits. While the candle is not lit it will fill the room with a subtle lovely smell, but once the candle is lit the smell is going to deepen and you’ll get the benefits from the essential oils. 

At Quinlan’s we have a great selection of Irish Made candles. From calming and relaxing properties, to mood lifting. Lavender candles will help you relax and improve your sleep while orange scented candles will lift your mood. 

Max Benjamin Lavender Candle La Bougie candle

There’s a huge difference between handmade candles and mass-produced ones. Mass-produced candles are often made with paraffin wax and when burning they release toxins to the atmosphere; that’s why we support small companies using good quality and sustainable ingredients. 

La Bougie candles are hand-poured and made locally in Cork by the talented perfumist Lucy Hagerty. We are big fans of the Honeysuckle & Sea salt scent - what’s your favourite one?

La Bougie - Honeysuckle & Sea salt candle

If you’re curious about the candle making process you can have a sneak peak at Max Benjamin’s production here. They use natural soy wax in their candles as it is more environmentally friendly and produces a cleaner burn than paraffin wax and their wicks are made from lead free Italian cotton.

Max Benjamin candles

Rowan beg’s beautiful candles are designed and hand poured in small batches in their Connemara studio, using polished concrete jars and eco friendly packaging. Once the candle is burnt, the jars can be reused and become the perfect flower vase.

Rowan Beg candles

Because we care deeply about sustainability, we love stocking candles that are eco-friendly and can be re-used in some way. Learn more about how to take care of your candles here, to make your candles last longer.

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