Our thoughts on packaging 🛍️

Our thoughts on packaging 🛍️

Good packaging is essential for many businesses. Having great quality packaging for your products will benefit your brand’s image. Effective packaging will make your brand more memorable.

Packaging is also an excellent advertising tool that walks your brand through the streets of your town. Good packaging should aim to reflect the brand’s personality and be distinctive from other brand’s. 

As important as it is to have good branding, it is more important to ensure the packaging reflects sustainability. Plastic packaging, for example, is hard to treat and it’s a major environmental threat. Nowadays, it’s great to see that people are becoming more aware of how they use plastic. We’re seeing a lot of biodegradable alternatives getting introduced, especially in the food industry, where you can find food containers made out of plants. 

We’re very conscious of our environmental footprint and we try to do our best to minimize our impact on the environment. That’s why we’ve been using paper bags for our shop for a long time.

Paper bags are recyclable, they’re heavy-weight resistant and they’re reusable. They have a long life and can be reused many times by our customers, and can be given to other people who will keep using them over and over. 

We’ve been dealing with Irish packaging supplier ‘Barry Packaging’ in Tralee for over thirty years. They’ve consistently provided us with high quality products. If you’re curious to see how paper bags are made and assembled, you can watch it here.

Our bags are all made with water based inks and the paper comes from FSC forests.

Quinlan's bag

We re-use all the brown paper packaging that comes into the shop and it is used for shipping our online orders.  

Two years ago we launched our floral print design and we’ve recently launched our floral design in kraft paper bags. 

Quinlan's kraft bag

As a proud supplier of local crafts and gifts to our community, we’re committed to continuing to find ways to minimize our environmental impact. Being conscious about our packaging is a small step that we can take, and we hope to do much more. 

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