The use of wood by some of our talented Irish producers

Blog posts The use of wood by some of our talented Irish producers

At Quinlan's we believe that beautifully crafted wood work is timeless and made to last.

Wood pieces have been used for interior design and decoration for so many years and are still such a popular material to use. Wood is elegant, warm and very durable. We love the warmth and coziness that wood brings. When choosing wood, you’re choosing a durable and natural material.

Being such a versatile material, wood fits with any decoration style: from rustic decor, to traditional and modern contemporary. Wood is a natural and alive material that changes with time, acquiring more personality and charm as time goes by.

At Quinlan’s we have a great selection of Irish producers creating beautiful products with wood.

Sam agus Nessa is an award winning furniture and product design company based in Kildare. They design and create contemporary pieces using locally sourced, Irish materials. From their Wally chopping board to the Teach Gloine, a beautiful bud vase. 

Wally chopping board Teach Gloine

Fred O Mahony is another great example of art created from wood. His pieces are hand crafted from Irish Native Hardwoods, each piece selected for its individual character and finished to bring out the natural beauty and character of the wood. Each piece is unique and special.

 Fred O Mahony

CK 53 Design has some great pieces that would make a great gift this Christmas to a loved one, or to treat yourself to create a cosy Christmas decor.

See some pieces available here: 

3 Wooden Reindeer Set  3 Star Tealight

At Quinlan's we have been working with Jerpoint glass for 35 years and we are now working with the next generation: Eoghan Leadbetter, their son.

Eoghan is a very talented woodturner and furniture maker. He designs and creates a range of handcrafted sustainable wooden products. All of the wood he uses is sourced locally from wind felled trees or from tree surgeons that have removed dangerous trees due to storm damage. 

 Citrus juicer Butter Knife Set

 Artwood is an Irish family business that creates the most beautiful suncatchers. The wood they use is Beech and Oakwood which grows a few hundred meters from their home and workshop. The moon comes with a crystal hanging sphere and when it catches the sunlight, it creates beautiful rainbows around the room. 


What’s your favourite piece? Remember that you can create your own All Irish’ gift bundle on our website to support our local makers, as well as the 'Irish Christmas' Gift boxes


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