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The magic of candles 🕯️ ✨

Lighting a candle is a magic ritual. Once the wick is lit, it changes the atmosphere of the room. Fire is one of the four elements in nature, and having a dancing flame in a room is a way of bringing us back to nature and keeping us connected with it. Having a candle lighting gives us an immediate sense of warmth and calm. If you’re lighting scented candles you can benefit as well from all the aromatherapy benefits. While the candle is not lit it will fill the room with a subtle lovely smell, but once the candle is lit the smell is going to deepen and you’ll get the benefits from the essential oils.  At Quinlan’s we have...

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Jewellery with meaning

If you’re looking to send a special message to someone you love or care about, gifting a piece of jewellery is always a good idea; but if you want your gift to be extra special, you can gift jewellery with meaning.  ‘PÓG’ means kiss in Irish, Melissa Curry’s PÓG collection is inspired by the traditional Irish Claddagh ring. The PÓG pieces are a perfect way to send a kiss to all those who live near and far. The PÓG collection is vibrant, colourful and a modern symbol of love and friendship.    We love Enibas jewellery, designed and made locally in Schull, Co Cork. The delicate and elegant pieces contain beautiful messages.  Some of the messages in the Enibas collection...

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