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The use of wood by some of our talented Irish producers

At Quinlan's we believe that beautifully crafted wood work is timeless and made to last. Wood pieces have been used for interior design and decoration for so many years and are still such a popular material to use. Wood is elegant, warm and very durable. We love the warmth and coziness that wood brings. When choosing wood, you’re choosing a durable and natural material. Being such a versatile material, wood fits with any decoration style: from rustic decor, to traditional and modern contemporary. Wood is a natural and alive material that changes with time, acquiring more personality and charm as time goes by. At Quinlan’s we have a great selection of Irish producers creating beautiful products with wood. Sam agus Nessa is an...

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The magic of candles 🕯️ ✨

Lighting a candle is a magic ritual. Once the wick is lit, it changes the atmosphere of the room. Fire is one of the four elements in nature, and having a dancing flame in a room is a way of bringing us back to nature and keeping us connected with it. Having a candle lighting gives us an immediate sense of warmth and calm. If you’re lighting scented candles you can benefit as well from all the aromatherapy benefits. While the candle is not lit it will fill the room with a subtle lovely smell, but once the candle is lit the smell is going to deepen and you’ll get the benefits from the essential oils.  At Quinlan’s we have...

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